Brandon Colker Runs His Own Acting Academy


Brandon Colker is a fully qualified and experienced acting teacher who has been teaching acting to the students from the last 6 years. Based in Miami, he has acquired his bachelor’s degree as BA Hons in Acting and Drama. He is famous for his teaching style an friendly behavior among his students. Being a professional tutor for so many years, he has a fantastic understanding of the theatre scene, and an in-depth knowledge of performance texts. He has an exceptional ability of encouraging students to contribute up to their highest level. He has also tried his hands on play writing, directing and acting. Till now, he has written over 50 plays and directed them by his own.

With over 6 years of industry experience, Brandon Colker concentrates on both techniques and expressions to bring the real talent out of the students. He is an enthusiastic and friendly teacher who loves working with all levels of age groups. He not only help those who are looks for a more relaxed hobby, or tuition for drama exams but also to those who wants to train themselves for upcoming auditions, or private tutorials to prepare them for drama school entry interviews.  Being acting professional, he runs acting and drama workshops in various cities and with a proven record of expertise. In his tutorials, he tells students the different ways of portraying emotions through a variety of gestures, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

During his professional years, Brandon Colker has also worked with top contemporary visual artists, world champion dancers, directors, screenwriters and business people. He has been awarded for his acting style, direction skills, scripts and insightful characters he played. At present, he runs his own acting academy where he has more than 200 students who learn acting skills. When not busy in teaching acting, Brandon loves to do swimming, play basketball, volleyball and fishing. He also loves to spend his free time with his family.


5 Reasons To Hire Brandon Colker As Your Loan Officer


For most people, getting their dream home is one of the most exciting events in their life. But, the traditional long procedure involved between the starting point till the entrance into their dream home seems to be the most overwhelming task. If you are looking for expert guidance for commercial or residential loans, then it is highly recommended to move to an experienced and qualified loan officer. Brandon Colker is one of the most accomplished and dedicated loan officers who is renowned for his expertise and adopting the most easy methods to make their client’s dream home a reality.


Here are some reasons why should you hire Brandon as your loan officer and what sets him apart from the other officers:


  • Professional Experience


From the last 14 years, he is in the business of home mortgage financing and helped numerous clients in his career span and made their dream a reality. His clients list includes Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Department of Defense and Reserves.


  • Exceptional Customer Service


Brandon Colker believes in maximum customer satisfaction and his main objective is to getting clients into their dream home. Being a dedicated loan officer, he is always available for his clients and continues to work with them on credit approval, house shopping, deciding to opt for best property thus, making the whole procedure smooth and easy.


  • Strong Communication Skills


He clearly understands the exact situation of his client their budget, type of home they want and how critical the procedure will be. He accepts the responsibility for communicating all the pros and cons about the involved procedure in a professional manner thus, maintaining the transparency.


  • Focused and Organized


Being a dynamic processor, he maintains a focus on meeting various clients and explains them the whole procedure, including guidelines and laws to create an understanding of the whole process.

  • Have Resourceful Knowledge


With experience of 14 years, he has sound knowledge of handling every type of process quickly and efficiently for a successful outcome.


Thus, contacting Brandon Colker can help you getting your dream home.

Brandon Colker Provides Tailored Mortgage Solutions


Most of the people are not aware about the right mortgage services, so they usually tend to fail because of a lack of knowledge of the latest mortgage schemes prevailing in the market. Here, people who are looking for the right type of guidance and support should consider professional mortgage services. Brandon Colker is a tenured professional who provides a diverse group of funding sources with customized mortgage solutions which best fits the client’s needs and helps them in achieving their long term financial objectives. He provides the valuable and necessary information, available resources, updates on current markets costs, and the different schemes.

Often times, people or firms offer mortgage advisory services without analyzing your financial situation but Brandon Colker first does a deep background research on your financial condition and then provides appropriate help to find a best mortgage plan. He also deals with estate agents, mortgage lenders, and valuers. Being an experienced professional in the mortgage industry, his detailed approach in selecting the best product provides his clients with substantial savings over the life of the loan. He always has a sincere approach, sense of duty and personal integrity to foster his relationships with his clients, which are built on trust and performance.

Brandon Colker feels honored as he has assisted some veterans and active duty military personnel of Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Department of Defense and Reserves, and many other reputed personalities. He believes that every person should have his own home, and this motivates him to work with his clients on credit approval, house shopping, and in deciding to select the best property. He also guides his customers on debt elimination strategies so that they can live a peaceful life without any troublesome financial commitments. Sometimes, he also helps his customers by encouraging quick savings to release the pressure of clearing the debt. Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned homeowner, you can rely on Brandon who will guide you through the complex process of leveraging the mortgage industry today.

Brandon Colker Likes Horseback Riding And Also Offers Tips To Other Riders For Safe Riding


Brandon Colker is a respected businessman who is highly successful on the professional front. His commitment towards his work has made him an idol for a number of people. He is also highly concerned about his health and meditates consistently as he believes that it a stress buster activity. He completely understands the value of time and manages a proper balance between professional and personal life.

Brandon Colker is full of life and has involved himself in many adventurous activities and horse riding is one of his favorites. Horse riding is counted amongst the most classic and widely popular sports which has gained immense popularity among people over the years. It can be enjoyed by people of all the age groups. Horse riding improves coordination and balance. This elegant needs a lot of time and patience for a person to become a good and experienced horse rider. In order to ride in a safe manner, rider should only ride at a speed at which he/she can easily control the horse. The way of interacting with the horse is highly important as this can help in performing in a more better way.

According to Brandon Colker, the joy of taking care after a horse offers a wonderful feeling satisfaction. He finds pleasure in competing against other horse riders enthusiasts. He has numerous years of experience in horse riding and he just loves to share his experiences with others. He owns a beautiful white horse and loves to spend time with it. Besides this, he also have two other pets that include a cat and a dog.

Brandon Colker is a positive person who loves to help others. He loves adventure and his hobbies include activities such as fishing, camping, globe-trotting, trekking, strolling, and numerous others. He loves traveling and has been to places far and wide. He always live his life to the fullest and involves in an assortment of range of sports which give him a true adrenaline rush.

Brandon Colker Loves Participating In Snowboarding That Is Highly Beneficial For Health


Brandon Colker is a highly successful entrepreneur who has gained immense popularity for his optimistic nature. He is a huge fitness enthusiast who is always aware about his health and follows a properly balanced diet and loves to workout everyday. He is very energetic and enjoys each and every moment of his life. Reading, cooking, watching movies, baking, sculpting, swimming, bowling, painting, and playing baseball are some of the hobbies of Brandon. Besides this, he also enjoys adventurous activities such as white water rafting, hiking, snowboarding and lot more. When weather forecasters start declaring snowfall, he is all set for snowboarding. Open, big untracked fields of snow surrounded by cliffs make snowboarding the most adventurous activity in sports.

Snowboarding is a one-of-a-kind sport and it needs different set of skills to be a successful and amazing skateboarder. This sport is a great combination of surfing with several techniques of skateboarding. Over the years, this game has gained huge popularity among people. This winter sport is highly beneficial for the health as it is an ideal way to lose weight and increase the fundamental skills that include coordination, power, and stamina. It also improves flexibility and offers complete body workout. Brandon Colker follows his idol Terje Haakenson who is quite famous for his unmatched snowboarding skills.

In his college days, Brandon Colker tried snowboarding for the very first time, he had no idea how to slow down on turns, all he knew was that he was going down the slope at the whopping speed of 30 miles an hour. He fell down badly on that day. After this incident, he decided to take lessons for snowboarding and within a few weeks, he was trained well and now he can perform various stunts and display other techniques and methods of snowboarding. For Brandon, it is an enjoyable activity that offers a great chance to meet new people and also to hangout out with friends. On the other hand, he is a kindhearted person who loves to help others and that is why, he has contributed a lot towards the society. He also supports many charitable non-profit organizations.

Brandon Colker is a Dedicated Loan Officer


Brandon Colker, Senior Loan Officer for Bay Equity Home Loans, has been known for his sacrifice, expertise and dedication to making your dream home come true. He has been in business for 14 years and has been a part of the Bay Equity Home Loans since 2014. 

Brandon believes in 100% customer satisfaction and getting prospective clients into their dream home. He believes in being available and continuing to work with his clients long after closing. He monitors a client’s equity position and provides mortgage advice as well. He believes in the ability for everyone to be homeowners and will continue to work with clients on credit approval, house shopping and making the transition smooth and easy. Brandon’s service is provided by him and his team through in-home underwriting, fast prequalification, several investors to choose from and online access available are all available through his personal attention and touch. 

Brandon Colker works with clients from all over the world migrating to California for career, school and a new outlook on life. One of his niches is working with military families coming from outside California and transition into California. We have several services of the Military that we’ve worked with including Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Department of Defense and Reserves.

Brandon Colker Practices Kick-Boxing While Listening To His Favorite Music


Brandon Colker is a well-educated and highly experienced professional who has a huge knowledge of his profession. He just loves to solve hard and difficult cases. He respects others and wants to be respected and known in the exact same way. He finds it interesting likes to face challenges and keeps challenging his own achievements. He has studied from some of the most reputed educational institutes located in New York and has also been an active boxer for a great number of years in his school time. Kick-boxing is a mixture of martial arts and a stand up combat sport where one can combine together other fighting techniques that include Boxing, Thai boxing, Karate and more. This sport is widely popular in various countries; particularly in Asia where it has been established. It is also gaining popularity throughout the world. It involves highly strict safety rules such as the wearing of protective gear and more.

In America, the kick-boxing is a little different from others, here the opponents are allowed to hit each other with feet and fists. They have to strike above the hip. Both opponents are not allowed to use elbows and knees and the use of shins is highly restricted. Brandon Colker believes that kick-boxing an exciting sport to watch and one can participate in it if he/she has a strong will power. It is known as one of the best ways to build up stamina, strength, and flexibility. He loves to practice kick-boxing and he does that while listening to his favorite music. The most amazing thing about this sport is that it helps the participants burn a lot of calories and offers overall muscle buildings. Besides from kick-boxing, he also likes to get involved in various activities such as painting, reading, ice skating, bowling, swimming, playing baseball, water rappelling, watching movies on television, rock climbing, snowboarding, paragliding, hiking, bungee jumping, and more.

Such kind of activities allows Brandon Colker to keep a perfect balance between his busy and leisure time. He understands this fact that life is the most wonderful gift of God; no one knows when it will come to an end. This is why, he loves to enjoy every aspect his life and likes to do things he wants to do whenever he gets the chance. He doesn’t believe in waiting for tomorrow, and likes to do things today and grabbing the opportunity the first time as he thinks that opportunities never knock twice.